Running With The Wolves


Inspired by new AURORA music video : Running With The Wolves



15 comments on “Running With The Wolves

  1. neechers says:

    This is lovely ^^

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  2. spanishwoods says:

    Really love this one.

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  3. toba122 says:

    Awesome work!

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  4. smittyrooks says:


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  5. orijinalchris says:

    Haven’t seen the video (this one won’t play in NZ), but I bought the EP a few weeks ago, and I totally love her. I was introduced to her here:

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  6. Chrissy says:

    love it I wanna run with the wolves too


  7. sanpiano says:

    this is my favorite work you’ve done…to me the moon, I assume, looks kind of ominous like a beautiful trap…the blonde hair is a nice contrast I love the wings (I think they’re wings)…I see things darkly, that’s where I go…

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  8. solosocial says:

    That’s really cool. It’s like she’s running in the direction the moon is spinning–or in the opposite direction.


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