10 comments on “Work

  1. camillae says:

    This red gym man is so great! what a shape! Also, perfect background tone to complement his form.


  2. Great tension in the pose.


  3. sjvernon says:

    Feel the burn… Another good pattern design too.


  4. TRISTA says:

    I just found your blog, thanks to you liking a post on mine. Is there a post where you talk about your work? This awesome drawing, for example … is it pen-and-ink? Paint? I absolutely love it, especially the headband, the socks, and the fabulous pattern.


  5. timcoster says:

    Good work Matthew! Makes me want to exercise!


  6. sanpiano says:

    first of all I really like the diversity of work you’ve been doing lately…i feel like I’m watching him work out…his muscles are all perfectly defined…even his backside lol…


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