12 comments on “Bochic warrior

  1. Jo says:

    Fun. You are diverse.

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  2. sanpiano says:

    the helmet reminds of a Myrmidons helmet with embellishments for girls. ..her eyes are kind of manga ish, that’s cool …ok the points of light on the garment are spectacular…it’s my favorite thing…


  3. simply gorgeous!!!!


  4. Wendi Reamy says:

    Love this one! Very striking image.

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  5. sjvernon says:

    I really like the helmet on this one.

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  6. Dina says:


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  7. cristina.marifosque says:

    Nice! I like the warrior headdress. It’s so Spartan-like. To me this a depiction of the word ‘grace’ the conglomeration of softness and strength that envelopes people- not limited to women. πŸ™‚


  8. rea curry says:

    Love the earrings on the warrior!


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