Rhodes full


Inspired by new @rhodesmusic song : Turning Back Around. Amazing !

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11 comments on “Rhodes

  1. Camille says:



  2. sanpiano says:

    totally reminds me of Van Gogh’a The

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  3. sanpiano says:

    The Scream…but uniquely yours…I’ve said it before I think your drawings of real people is a very high form of flattery…

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  4. Matthew James says:

    Not to seem like a know it all, but we must give credit to who credit is due. The Scream was a work of Edvard Munch.

    Excellent song and an excellent work of art inspired from it. I personally don’t see The Scream in it. Listening to the song, which again I truly enjoyed and thank you for introducing me to Rhodes, and then experiencing your art, I personally don’t find a connection. The connection is for you to enjoy.

    It is in times like these that I separate the artist’s inspiration from the work and experience it for myself. I have no deep statements to make about your work intellectually. But emotionally, it is very intense and captivating. I experience a myriad of emotions coming forth from your expression. It is works like these that remind us what art is truly about.

    Excellent work.


  5. toad2014 says:

    Well i love piece, Van-who?

    thanks for dropping by to have a read.


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