22 comments on “BANG !

  1. mbaldelli says:

    Free the nipple, indeed! πŸ˜€


  2. sanpiano says:

    she is sleek and lovely…she has attitude!…I like how her eyes reflect the yellow of the garment …and yes, i am loving (and laughing, too hard ) at free the nipple…you must’ve had some intense exams…


  3. Twig says:

    Your art is amazing – I am so impressed with your skill and admire your talent so much… Should you ever want to contribute to our magazine, we put a quarterly anthology together and are always looking for more artists / artwork. Though we are not a paying market because we like most literary magazines do not earn income, it may bring you more exposure and / or put you in touch with more opportunities (writers always need artists for their chapbooks and book cover art). When I publish my book, I may just commission you for a cover myself or perhaps contact you at some point about a cover when we can gather the funds. Anyway, no matter your consideration – I am forever a fan and think your work is incredible. Thanks so much for being here and inspiring others with your original art.


  4. sjvernon says:

    As neither a prude nor an exhibitionist… I have always marveled at the oddity of female and male nipples being treated differently. At least here in the USA, male going topless is fine… but female must cover the nipple. It always struck me as odd, because the nipple is the part we all have! so requiring covering of specifically that part seems just strange.


  5. so cool. I like the name


  6. elibrava says:

    This is fabulous!!


  7. Reblogged this on James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company and commented:
    I thought was a really cool art piece had to share.


  8. tansell6655 says:

    Real elegant. I think the transitional horizontal lines on the left against the negative space on the right really adds to the design a lot. πŸ™‚


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