thank you for waiting



8 comments on “thank you for waiting

  1. mbaldelli says:

    Welcome back… This picture reminds me of some of the wilder days of the late 70s/early 80s when I used to be part of the club scene.


  2. Hello, I just wanted to thank you for following my blog and I wish you a nice weekend!

    Best regards from


  3. Therese says:

    You are quite talented! Please keep posting when you can.

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  4. dougstuber says:

    Big Bear

    We ignored you after 22 – 30 million died
    in World War II. Favored China, reliably
    corrupt, into having a Feudal class, but you lacked
    the prowess to extract your own oil, we could still
    do oil business with you, Big Bear, but the rest
    went to China: the shipping, manufacturing, even
    new mergers wherein Chinese firms now own Volvo
    and the PC division of IBM! So Sochi was to be
    Putin’s horse, so someone burned Kiev right then!
    (CIA?) Distressed, due to the viciousness of events
    Around the globe, neighborhood, we divert attention
    from our own digression at home to a potential
    (yet again) war in a third party’s country, Ukraine,
    which NATO is willing to exterminate in order to lure
    today’s tanks into a larger skirmish in case the ISIS
    crisis flames out. Gotta have back up wars and back
    them up in case the main wars sputter. It’s a new
    Pentagon directive, as witnessed by the annual troop
    and ship movements every March on the North/South
    Korean border. Tom “Obama-Hawk Missile” flies again.


  5. sanpiano says:

    you’re back…look at you…hoping your exams went well…


  6. You look determined, a good trait in an artist!

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