black game card

black cards

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31 comments on “black game card

  1. chrisrenney says:

    A set of playing cards like this would be PERFECT. Wonderful design.

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  2. sanpiano says:

    Love it…the lines are so graceful…

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  3. Interesting idea!

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  4. I LOVE this too much. I need a set of these playing cards and I want to make that outfit! Well Done!


  5. dunelight says:

    I’m having a Kenzo moment. I like it.


  6. Petra Greening says:

    Fantastic!! Great idea about the playing cards!


  7. LucyJartz says:

    The fold over in the robes has a sense of motion contrasting with the stillness of the torsos. Nice job.


  8. equinoxio21 says:

    Vurrry good!

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  9. kumkuum says:

    this is crazy amazing! realy love your art work! is it okay with you if i post some of them on my blog?


  10. sjvernon says:

    This is great stuff. My father drew things like this when I was a kid including once for a business card design. I don’t yet have the patience to do this kind of stuff without using the computer to cheat a little!


  11. kellygrow says:

    Cool idea! πŸ™‚


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