14 comments on “sphere of roses

  1. sanpiano says:

    nice shapes and colors…lovely…


  2. morganp63 says:

    Your work is very peaceful, delicate and reflective both materially and metaphorically. I think it is a print, what medium do you favour? I see we both like roses,


  3. sarajimages says:

    I love roses. This piece is beautiful. I love the colors.


  4. Inese Poga Art Gallery says:

    Amazing idea! Colors work really well, too!


  5. theodorazheng says:

    This is gorgeous.


  6. artsofmay says:

    Terrific piece!


  7. I love your “Sphere of Roses”, Mathew! THIS is your genre. I have to say, I like this genre best, then your photography. You should stick with what you do best. I would like to see more. Thanks for checking out my blog, juristourists.net.


  8. Matthias says:

    I’ve been strolling through your gallery and some of your work truly jumps out with such emotion. I don’t understand why the Alien work causes an array of emotions within me. I can’t even define the emotions. I stopped on Sphere of Roses because it captivates me. I can see so much within it. Images throughout the entire work. Each time I look into it I literally feel it pulling me in. My eyes begin to ache a little because they can’t keep up with defining all the imagery and emotion that flows through it. It’s different than 3D art. It does come alive and moves but the images constantly change. As the images change I feel different emotions. I’m sure it affects each person differently. Each person sees different imagery within it, possibly from their own subconscious. Another great work!


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