rainbow shell

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41 comments on “rainbow shell

  1. priyankamoraes says:

    This is so colourful and I loved the shell like head gear…reminds me of Indian turbans!


  2. 3freligion says:


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  3. How long does it take you to create something like this? I’m very impressed with your talent.


  4. Beautiful colour work

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  5. What did you use for the colors? Lovely.


  6. papict says:

    I love everything about this drawing.

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  7. sanpiano says:

    love the color and texture…her face is delicate and stunning…as usual…

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  8. Raconteur says:

    Very nice, the coloured threads looks like real wool.


  9. Jo Freehand says:

    Hi Mathew,

    Serious fun! Can you tell me more about this? I love it. What was your inspiration? What medium? Digital at all? And, do you have plans to market the wrap? If not, why?


    • mathew992 says:

      Hi Jo

      My works have a lot of inspiration. Every day I look in on hundreds of blogs, I watch a lot of picturesI listen several songs. It s all builds more and more new images.

      It is difficult to specify an one medium that I use. When I create a new drawing using multiple materials: crayons, paint, graphics software and so on.

      Anyone who wants to buy my work can contact me at mejfote@gmail.com.
      So far, I do not make the store but we will see in the future πŸ™‚

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  10. justelly1 says:

    WOW awesome colors. I love it colorful πŸ™‚
    I even would wear this as a scarf


  11. melirose3 says:

    so colourful! Makes me feel happy


  12. chortlesnail says:

    Clean lines, wonderful, saturated colors. Elegant, but looks good enought to eat.


  13. katherinejlegry says:

    I really want to see what the lower half of the outfit would look like. Skirt short or long? Leggings? capris pants? short shorts? Tall boots? what???? I rarely have this reaction to someone’s blog or art, where I want to put in a request… um, please draw rest of outfit.
    I’m glad you originally came by my blog so I could discover your designs. They make me feel happy. And I am not encountering many blogs that make me happy.


    • mathew992 says:

      Thank you for your dear comment.
      To be honest I do not know what she can wear.
      As soon as I decide on one thing that I’ll finish this work.
      We’ll see what time will tell!

      Follow my blog and write me an email. Thanks to this you first know the continuation of “rainbow shell” πŸ™‚

      @: mejfote@gmail.com



      • katherinejlegry says:

        Well that’s exciting! I’ve imagined the bottom looking like the top as well only in different styles… I can’t wait to see what you do. I will follow you. That will brighten my reader posts immensely. πŸ™‚ Thanks for email address… I will try to write you soon. I’m home sick today… so a tad bit slow on the go.

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  14. JoDee Luna says:

    This is amazing: so colorful and intriguing!


  15. isabella says:

    This is really beautiful and such a wonderful and inspiring idea. Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,

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  16. Dawnasong says:

    Beautiful just beautiful!


  17. why are you so fucking great


  18. htgraphics says:

    This is so beautiful!


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