My first kiss

look hot kiss 1

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10 comments on “My first kiss

  1. vsaichek says:

    This is very good – your style is really developing. The pop-art technique really works here.


  2. sanpiano says:

    I like the movement and expression…


  3. kitty5ninja says:

    Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚


  4. pagefiddler says:

    I really liked this! Very sensitive yet strong and expressive! And I do like your new gravatar picture!


  5. mslovlif says:

    Awesome! Cool textures


  6. ttrotski says:

    As if Patrick Nagle had lived on, excellent!


  7. That was the one that stood for me from your collage of self-portraits. Loved it in Black & white! Purple tint works really well too.


  8. Interesting how we all see without seeing something. The red works really well. But the purple accents jump out for me. And so, I colored it purple!


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