17 comments on “hag & stick

  1. Back in Australia I had a stick like that, very solid, and I decorated it with all mementos of my life.It felt very powerful, a symbol of life. I called it The Elder Wand (as per Harry Potter) but didn’t actually aim it at anyone to knock them off 😀


  2. editorval says:

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    I have a stick that I found washed up on the shore. Its bark had been eaten off clean by some creature and it was shining white. I still have it, 15 years later. It is gray now.


  3. editorval says:

    Love your work — I reblogged this, it holds meaning for me. Thank you!


  4. Morgan Mafu says:

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    Just how I felt


  5. Daruma Eye says:

    This is wonderful. You should design book covers! I’d definitely buy this book.


  6. Frej von Fräähsen says:

    Great work, wish I had at least some talent for drawing or painting… but alas, no.


  7. dapperdolly says:

    Love this 🙂


  8. such strong images Mathew. this one has such raw energy.


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