16 comments on “is this happiness

  1. sanpiano says:

    Ha ha…it is hard to recognize…let us all hope so…it’s your turn…

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  2. Ed says:

    Happiness is what you make of life..:-)


  3. realmessagesrealtime says:

    from within.. happy..sad..happy..sad.. sappy that would be.. thanks for the ‘like’ on my blog.. happiness your way on your journey! Keep up your unique and interesting perspective! πŸ™‚


  4. Well that is YES! Do you know it though seems to now be the question my dear…. claudy

    I have been through everything tonight and did not comment but love your work and see obvious improving and a lot of this and that… Hope all is well and if not … it won’t be so bad for long… promise Darling…. Please contact me with anything for I will be here and you there..Later Precious and till next time be as well as possible…. claudy


  5. Hi Matthew, I don’t know where you might be on your life path…but sometimes its hard to recognize happiness when we’re in a place of ‘lack’….feeling not good enough. I have struggled with that theme many times in my life. It comes from telling ourselves that we aren’t enough, and that we’ll be ‘more’ from now on…simplicity is what matters. Love and light.


  6. Sometimes I think we let others define what is happiness so to find your own personal definition of happiness often means searching for soul.. I really love this portrait for it’s deep honesty and sensitivity.


  7. dunelight says:

    Very “Portlandia” portrait. I like this different incarnations of self.


  8. haloangel1 says:

    The light, movement and atmosphere in your photo is wonderful.


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