25 comments on “Facepalm

  1. And it keeps getting better..


  2. vsaichek says:

    Very clever! Forgive me for a bit of art talk — The upper lip line is too dense and draws the eye directly there instead of to the whole of the face. Watch your line densities. The fold where the lips meet is the darkest point. The rest of the lips need to modulate in tone. This will give the drawing that classy, etherial look I think you are aiming for.


  3. akeem54 says:

    Interesting. Thanks for your like.


  4. Mary F. says:

    Clever name for it. I love the detail of the hair especially.


  5. crazy11lady says:

    The palm of your hand, embedded in her thoughts, to Caribbean dreams and age old haunts


  6. Tom Janus says:

    I love the concept…)))



    I like it. Is there an environmental message about deforestation here?


  8. Alphawings says:

    I really enjoy your style of drawings. Sometime, I might write a short prose revolving around one of them.


  9. I love this picture because I can relate to it. I live in New Jersey and haven’t been able to stop thinking about moving to South West Florida around all the palm trees. I like your sense of humor.


  10. Reblogged this on VOMIT and commented:
    this is just perfect


  11. artaffaire says:

    I LOVE your art – and your creativity!!


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