cursed stripes



25 comments on “cursed stripes

  1. The face looks too kind to be a witch. I like this though, lots to look at and work out


  2. Wow! Amazing!!!


  3. Peabea says:

    Lots of neat artistry and talent on your blog. Always thought it would be awesome to know how to draw. Thanks for giving my page a like. 🙂


  4. You just never disappoint. Love your art. I like the name “cursed stripes”


  5. I just saw an M.C. Escher show, and this reminds me of it! Very fun.


  6. ƔǏƜɅƚ ƾ says:



  7. aayusharma says:

    This is Good Stuff!


  8. Mary F. says:

    I like the optical illusion this creates. Adds to the magical depiction of your witch.


  9. colorfulpen says:

    Love this! Your work is amazing.


  10. o.k so this one has stolen my heart!…I just adore the feeling of seeing a part of myself in something that another artist has created! I have been conscious of frowning a little too much today and this picture has made me smile and reminded me that I am magical….I am now pushing ‘follow’…Thank you!


  11. evozeta says:

    Hi mathew992,
    Thank you for your like on my “Inspiration and the Likes” post, means a lot. While browsing through your blog I was literally “bewitched” by this piece of art – love it! Reminds me how many times I wished to be a (real) witch so I could just hop on my broom and snicker at rush hour traffic 🙂


  12. Thank you for liking “Rock Art: Part 1.” Nice work! 🙂 This piece reminds me of black-and-white illustrations I saw in books that I read as a child. I like your use of patterns in this illustration.


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