21 comments on “red seducer

  1. 3freligion says:

    Amazing and so sensual!


  2. vsaichek says:

    This is very fine indeed. Love it.


  3. Mary F. says:

    Love the attention you gave to the facial expression, the body language and the design/draping of the robe. So expressive! Love it!


  4. Content Catnip says:

    I love the languid pose, it is really a sensual drawing


  5. Daruma Eye says:

    Gorgeous. Reminds me a bit of Aubrey Beardsley.


  6. Hi Mathew! Thanks for following my fotoglob.
    I find your work so honest and original!
    You’re a real artist. Some of the pictures are fascinating and somehow misterious…
    And this wonderfull drawing reminds me of Japanese painting (I believe this was not an accident, you seem to know what you want to do).


  7. This is really great. Reminds me a bit of Paul Poiret


  8. thatscbyr says:

    Really nice! You made very good work in this blog! Also , thank you for the like 🙂


  9. Huh! Seducer you say! Well he looks a little soft around the edges for my particular taste! But certainly a well drawn illustration from your mental archives…. Thank you, claudy


  10. hey, your drawing style is very intriguing. I especially enjoy this. Great work that you’re doing! 🙂


  11. Carole Besharah says:

    This has the feel of an Egon Schiele illustration/painting with a modern twist. LOVE!


  12. Hello! I’ve been scrolling through your work, thinking I’d comment on a piece I really like, but to be honest all your work is astounding.


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