Muse of fashion



10 comments on “Muse of fashion

  1. Oh this is real good stuff.. 🙂


  2. slmann says:

    One of your best, beautiful! – Sharon


  3. lumar1298 says:

    Very nice piece..


  4. Francina says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Mathew , and by doing so giving me the chance to read your blog. I really like how you captured fashion in your art.. Excellent.


  5. I’m really glad you stumbled upon my blog – as I was able to have the chance to see your work! Out of curiosity, do you live in the Midwest? Also, would you be interested in posting some of your fashion drawings on a site of mine, called The ASH.? ( I’ve been mia on the site these past weeks (finalizing graduation plans), however, by Sunday it will be up and running again! I would love to post some of your work.



    • mathew992 says:

      Hi Ashley!
      Thanks for the visit. I will be honored to put the work on your website. I come from Polish in Central Europe.
      Feel free to use my works. Please only place a link to my site;)


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