22 comments on “Ginger cover

  1. Tom Janus says:

    I like it…very fitting


  2. I love it!! And I love Florence & the Machine.


  3. Like the album cover. Now I’ll have to check out the group. Peace.


  4. vspain says:

    Matthew- thanks for the ‘like’ and I also like your work- esp Florence and the machine & Sun Demon- I’m an artist too and so appreciate the time it takes to work consistently- thanks for finding me! -Valerie


  5. vspain says:

    Matthew, thanks for finding me and for the ‘like.’ I esp like Sun Demon- I admire the time it takes to work consistently- be well! Valerie


  6. Very professional looking and of course super cool….. claudy


  7. Checked out Florence– Great stuff! Gonna have to get some of her music now. thanx.


  8. I am J says:

    I really like this one, too. 🙂


  9. Lena says:

    Wonderful!! I love this band.


  10. obzervashunal says:

    sensational work… hey, thanks for the like over at my spot too!


  11. marymcavoy says:

    love “dog days are over”


  12. […] He’s done a sketch that I think is an entry into a design contest for an album cover for Flor… I’m not really sure. But I love the sketch and seeing it reminded me of a song I love by that band. The song is Dog Days Are Over. […]


  13. cristina.marifosque says:

    Regal and funky at the same time. 🙂


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