Neuron Madness



12 comments on “Neuron Madness

  1. Ann says:

    Kind of got me thinking of Peter Max.


  2. chrisrenney says:

    Stunning artwork – takes me back to Ossie Clarke at Quorum in the Kings Road late 60’s – love it.


  3. timruane24 says:

    This is way cool – yes, like a Max, without color.


  4. I do not know where the title comes from but this looks like fine art and less fashion which I like best from you…. Are you sure you rather be punching numbers the rest of your life? Something tells me you will gravitate in other directions… Just a hunch! We shall see…. claudy


  5. Drea Nicole says:

    I love those sleeves!


  6. Ben Lapointe says:

    Intricate details. I bet you go through quite a few black fine felt tip pens!


  7. Wow—some of your work really reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley’s. It really has great “flair” & emotion,as well as being very intricate & striking.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, Pages from a Nature-Lover’s Dairy, and liking my post.


  8. I agree-this reminded me of Beardsley as well-lovely, lovely work!
    Thank you too for visiting Move the Chair-I appreciate you taking the time to look-


  9. Mary F. says:

    Love this one!


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