15 comments on “red riding hood

  1. Victoria says:

    This is fabulous, love red!


  2. Amazing red color and style!


  3. hansenl1 says:

    Hey there—thanks for stopping by my blog as it led me to check you out. Nice work, all of it very well done and so enticing. There are many I’d love to have in very large paintings hanging on my walls. Well wishes on your growth & success.


  4. Very unnerving! Seems truer to the original grisly fairly tale, in my opinion. 🙂


  5. So glad to have discovered your blog. I love your illustrations! they have real character and a sense of aliveness. Thank you for visiting and liking me at Engaging…I’m looking forward to visiting you again!


  6. I don’t know if that would fit or not but it sure is sporty now isn’t it? Just you go Matuesz. You are taking Business in school? No design or fashion or art kinds of stuff? I know the business is a big part of Fashion and Art but you will be working in the office and not on the runway sort of if you know what I mean. I just see a lot of fashionable talent and artistic ability and wonder why not fashion and design and artistic endeavor? I am not sure Matuesz with so much talent you don’t have that in your education in more tangible ways…. What do you think? claudy


    • mathew992 says:

      Claudy. I like art. I like to create new things. But I think that this is just my hobby. On a daily basis I prefer deal with numbers;)


      • Huh? What? Maybe numbers if you think that is your calling or is it the manifest parenting of get a real job syndrome? Matuesz you have a unique gift that should be realized no matter what in my humble opinion. But you know what makes you happy and I hope that is your passion is all I am saying. Okay? Okay!


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