9 comments on “Flowers

  1. Beautiful, wonderful.


  2. Matuesz,

    Is that you or your Baby? Cute indeed…where is the rest of him? LOL Just playing artist to artist. Very masculine and attractive male image. Lovely! I know those lips and that is your chin but the eyes aren’t quite as large as your other pictures but that could also be lighting and mood. Great shot there Dude! I mean Butch…. claudy


    • mathew992 says:

      It’s me πŸ™‚


      • You’re a chameleon and change so drastically from one look to another. Will the real Matuesz please stand up? Do we have any identity issues you would care to talk about or just searching for our next great character? Well aren’t you cute again in another one of your many faces? Lovely indeed! Thank you for being you…… claudy


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