little funny giftcard



7 comments on “little funny giftcard

  1. Matuesz,
    Is that your age…23? Or what is the significance? I am not sure but it sure is cute and so are we after all…..right? I think so! No, I know so! Now what do you think about that there my Polish artist? Okay I am still loving “Matuesz Hair”. It came out really good but I do see things that could be better but oh well on to another…… Good to see your spirits are up with such an adorable blog atmosphere today and what pleasantries await your day? Hey day rhymes with gay and so am I and proud of it….. Sort of! Usually….. Take Care My Polish Cream Puff…. If The World Was In My Hands Right Now I Would Gladly Give It To You….. Ahh! Later Potater, claudy


  2. mathew992 says:

    I drew this card for my friend 23rd birthday.


  3. macknifique says:

    They are awesome, and they have this great expression on their faces! love them!


  4. papict says:

    Love this! I am sure your friend was over the moon to receive such a wonderful card.


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