Bad hair day


Thank you all for following my blog and all comments. I love you!

17 comments on “Bad hair day

  1. aphrodisiacart says:

    Trés joli garçon !


  2. Matuesz,
    Is That You? Your Photos Change So Drastically! I am pretty sure this is you but not positive. I compare the lips, eyes and so forth. They all match you. It Is You! I am playing around with this image. I did try the sketch and have not found where I want it to go but probably will…. Till Then My Polish Friend, claudy


  3. Matuesz,

    I love the picture and I took it and blew it out of the park. You’re beautiful and I proved it to the max! Now don’t you forget it. You should have it printed out at a print shop. It is cheap to do real cheap! So do it! So you have something to look at when you’re 90 and now with concrete proof! Okay? Okay…. claudy


  4. Not true, great hair day! Love the contrast between the light and dark. Fantastic, stunning photo!


  5. Tom Janus says:

    Awesome well done…


  6. Victoria says:

    Love this photo!


  7. I love your self-portraits


  8. Lisa Womble says:

    Wish I could turn a bad hair day into a great photo op 🙂 Enjoyed looking at your work. Particularly like the clever names on the “hair style” ones – Queen Bee, Face Palm, etc.


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