Only lover left alive


When I saw  movie “Only lover left alive,” I must create this.
I love you Tilda !

10 comments on “Only lover left alive

  1. Mateusz,
    That is beautiful. There is certainly an audience in the world for you. You just have to find it. There in lies the problem. You have to just be constant and work at it as much as possible and doors will open for you in ways you never expected.
    I do notice something that is always missing from your work though! A signature is needed on every piece you do. I think of the experts on the PBS Television Show, Antiques Road Show, when they say, “signed art is worth more than unsigned art.”. That is a fact!
    You do not need a signature or even your actual name all though I think that would be best, but any indicator that shows the work is yours and nobody else’s. It is so important and should happen every time.
    I will tell you a true story! A woman downloaded one of my paintings from my website and then joined with my painting! is the largest website in the world for artists with over 33 million artists members worldwide.
    To cut a long story short she was selected Contemporary Artist of The Year 2012 with my painting? I start getting all these emails and calls from friends telling me you won but it is not you! Well because my name was right on the painting plain as day but even so I had to prove the painting was mine and did! Which was easy because my name was right there on it. The end of the story is that PicsArt took down my painting and never gave me credit for my work that had been displayed and viewed improperly identified to 100s of thousands of people. All the laws are on the side of big business in the USA. The moral to this story is sign your work….. claudy


  2. What does “mejfote” mean?


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