“Artist Szczepanski” claudy

By Claudytheartist AGAIN ! 🙂


Mateusz Latest THE FINAL

Mateusz Szczepanski/Artist  Krakow, Poland

18FEB2014 claudy

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2 comments on ““Artist Szczepanski” claudy

  1. Mateusz,
    You look famous! You are very fortunate to look like you do! Lucky you! Beautiful breath taking man to be sure. Wow! Super handsome and very good looking. You have a look that sticks in the mind and with the best features possible. I wish I looked like you because I would own the world…. claudy


  2. Matuesz,
    My friend and dear artist as I reflect on this piece I must say I Love It! I look at it all the time and must admit it is stunning indeed. I Love It Again and Again…. thanks be to you, claudy


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