kiss with a fist



12 comments on “kiss with a fist

  1. This is great. What medium do you use?


  2. You’ve got some really cool and unique artwork and photography on this site, Matthew. Will have to return to see more of it. Many thanx for sharing your stuff with us and for visiting my blog. Peace.


  3. Exceptional and outstanding! Isn’t skinny beautiful after all? I sure think so…. Like I said earlier you have an edgy feel to your work and it is the little things that put it over the top. For instance the whiskers on the chin of the models is a great touch that stands out and puts you in your own category. Just do it everyday and as often as possible. You are building a very impressive portfolio that will one day take you to the top. Mathew the most important website for an emerging artist in the USA is to be on That is where all the most successful companies and businesses go to hire artists from all over the world. They will have about 9 pages full of job opportunities for a variety of different artists. So if you are not listed with that website you should be. I am sure you will find it of great benefit…. claudy Businesses like Hollywood Movie Production/ New York Ad Agencies/ Magazines, Newspapers name it and they use


  4. syvarnam says:

    I really like how dynamic this piece is. Movement is hard to convey in art, I find.

    P.S. Thanks for liking a post on Apple of my Odd Eye.


  5. Wow, it’s creative. What was your thought process while creating it?


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